Embrace a new journey at Westlake Omics!


The present epoch is a major crossroads for our civilization and perhaps for our species. Whatever road we take, our fate is indissolubly bound up with science. It is essential as a matter of simple survival for us to understand science. In addition, science is a delight; evolution has arranged that we take pleasure in understanding.

——Carl Sargan

After the early autumn when breezes could still be felt, Westlake Omics welcomed new employees to start this breath-taking adventure of life science explorations and discoveries.

The much-awaited welcome ceremony kicked off with a speech from Dr. Guo Tiannan, the founder of Westlake Omics. He welcomed Ms. Su Zhongmei, the new CEO and all the new staff, and hoped that Ms. Su could lead us to chart a new blueprint in life sciences.

The executives shared some good news and encouraged everyone to embrace the changes down the road, upgrade themselves, and grow together with the company.

Ms. Su graduated from Shanghai Medical University (now Fudan University), with MBA experiences in Europe. She has over 30 years’ experiences in various fields: major international pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, life science and diagnostics, product quality management, business development, organization development and management. With extensive experience in business development and management, marketing, organizational management and financial management, she has driven the continued growth of the organizations through excellent professional management of business revenue, market share, profitability and operating costs. During her recent 8 years as Vice President of Roche Diagnostics in China, her proven management experience has enabled the company to rapidly grow its business on all fronts, enhance its reputation in the industry, and produce a large number of talents for the company and expand its clients in the fields of translational medicine, research, government and biopharmaceuticals.

Ms. Su clarified the strategic objectives of Westlake Omics with her professionalism, and suggested more constructive development suggestions as well as clearer organizational structures, which will pave the way for the company’s take-off.

In her speech, Ms. Su expressed her gratitude for the elaborate welcome. Based on the company’s rapid development in the past year, Ms. Su proposed three priorities: social value, corporate responsibility and employee care. First of all, we are responsible for our shareholders and investors, and it is our goal to achieve recognized achievements and returns. Then we are responsible for our employees, who dedicate their youth, enthusiasm and energy, not only for salaries, but also to explore the potential and value of each person, so that they can grow together with the company, and gain a sense of recognition and achievement in addition to material compensation. Finally, we are a company driven by a strong sense of social responsibility. It has always been our vision to fulfill our social responsibility and contribute to the well-being of all mankind.

Ms Su proposed the idea of Town Hall Meetings, which will demonstrate the company’s vigor and vitality, and facilitate the communication of different divisions. Workshops will be organized to break down the goals and steps, so that everyone is clear about the company's recent goals and other employees' work, and how to collaborate. In addition, we will optimize planning and filing, so that all the work can be carried out in an orderly and smooth way to meet the various challenges.

Ms. Su hopes that all the employees will continuously learn new skills, work together to open up new opportunities, and create today's small but beautiful Westlake Omics into a big and outstanding company together.

Speeches of Dr. Guo and Ms. Su ushered Westlake Omics in a new endeavor. We strive to be a first-class company in life sciences, with AI + proteomics technology to assist precision medicine and drug development, driven by technological innovation and multimodal big data.

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