Westlake Omics and BRUKER Signed MoU


On May 29th, 2021, Westlake Omics (Hangzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Bruker (Beijing) Scientific Technology Co., Ltd. reached a consensus on the joint efforts to carry out multi-omics research and studies of potential biomarkers propped by the combined power from Bruker's 4D multi-omics solutions and Westlake Omics's expertise in informatics, bearing in mind the grand goal of advancing precision medicine research.

Dr. Tiannan Guo, Founder of Westlake Omics (Hangzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., has held high expectations for this partnership and expressed: "The focus has always been centering on how to lift up the diagnosis rate of tumours and how to apply better treatment. As tumours have multifaceted characteristics from the clinical perspective, be it the determination of benign and malignant tumours or the degree of malignancy, we are challenged as seeking accurate diagnosis and treatment if only supported by the existing detection technologies, which also hinders the prognosis to a certain extent. Fortunately, this issue can be eased or even solved by virtue of the fact that the proteome is expressed differently even with the same genome, and that the same tumour expresses information corresponding to different proteomics expression types. Such features can be applied to assist in accurate clinical diagnosis. I am looking forward to the exciting results to be generated by the high-performance instrument and a range of solutions brought by Bruker as we apply their advanced technology in our large clinical cohort."

As Mr. He Lei, Manager of Bruker China, put, "Precision medicine" has become where the global medical community is dedicated to, whose prerequisite lies in precision diagnosis. Meanwhile, precision diagnosis is expected to be spearheaded by mass spectrometry-based multi-omics technologies, propelled by the none-stop progress in spectrometry. Bruker, as a well-recognized global analytical solutions provider, has been committed to innovative technologies for advanced mass spectrometry and the 4D multi-omics solutions based on advanced mass spectrometry technologies meeting the practical needs of precision medicine. Only when applied to translational medicine, can such solutions show how high the intrinsic value they could generate. So we are more than happy that Bruker has joined hand in hand with Westlake Omics in this regard. We are expecting to build up a closer collaboration with Westlake Omics and further leverage the benefits of 4D multi-omics technology in the large clinical cohort studies. We, shoulder to shoulder, will drive the development of precision medicine research. 

Westlake Omics (wOmics), founded in July 2020, is committed to making breakthroughs in precision medicine and drug R&D by an unwavering focus on critical issues that impact life and health. This vision is driven by AI-empowered high-throughput proteomic analysis of minute amounts of clinical specimens and Omics technologies, supported by technological innovation and multi-modal big data.

Bruker, one of the world's leading analytical instrument companies enjoying a history of 60 years, has been devoted to the most advanced technologies and comprehensive solutions based on the present analytical needs since its establishment. Bruker, as a spearhead in mass spectrometry technology, is committed to supporting scientists in making groundbreaking scientific discoveries and enhancing human well-being by new strides in applications.

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