Westlake Omics and SCIEX Signed MoU


On May 28th, 2021, Westlake Omics (Hangzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SCIEX, a leading manufacturer of mass spectrometers, to facilitate bilateral cooperation in multi-omics other related areas. As this MoU states, the partnership aims to drive precision medicine empowered by our joint efforts in multi-omics research and potential biomarker discovery, hinging on Westlake Omics's expertise in informatics and SCIEX's technology of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS).

The Director of Application & Technical Marketing at SCIEX, Ms Christie Hunter, said, "With the kick-off of the Westlake Omics, SCIEX is excited to continue to collaborate with Tiannan Guo and his team on advancing the use of LC-MS for large scale quantitative Omics. We have worked with Tiannan for many years, driving new workflows and demonstrating the power of big data and Omics workflows to translate research results into clinical use. Very excited to work with Tiannan and the Westlake Omics team to continue to advance precision medicine! "

"This collaboration will help us to explore biomarkers for thyroid cancer and prostate cancer, etc, in combination with artificial intelligence," as indicated by Dr. Tiannan Guo, Chairman of Westlake Omics (Hangzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., "Thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer and other diseases currently pose a great health risk to us. To tackle such threat, scientists are committed to the precise classification of major diseases such as tumours, as well as prognosis prediction and precise treatment by combining next-generation clinical proteomics, big data and artificial intelligence. To date, Westlake Omics has achieved relatively rapid progress in the development of diagnostic products for thyroid nodules."

Mr. Jiang Zheng, Senior Manager of Life Sciences Research Market Development at SCIEX China, has held high expectations for the application of SCIEX's LC-MS in multi-omics research, adding, "The analytical throughput of proteomics can be enhanced by the rapid scanning capability of SCIEX high-resolution mass spectrometry and the evolving SWATH® acquisition technology. They will bring out the best in each other. Not only can biomedical research achieve faster and higher-quality clinical translation thanks to accurate quantification contributed by matching large cohort and big data studies, but also we can have better systematic knowledge of the molecular phenotypes of health and disease states by combining multi-omics approaches with our technology."

SCIEX, a well-recognized mass spectrometer manufacturer innovative in its area for over 50 years, successfully launched the first-ever commercially successful triple quad in 1981 and has been dedicated to providing solutions for accurate detection and quantification of compounds so to help its clients better understand diseases and disease markers, improve clinical treatment of diseases and facilitate their relevant drugs R&D and sale.

Westlake Omics (Hangzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded in July 2020, is dedicated to developing advanced mass spectrometry-based proteomics techniques for minute amount of clinical specimens. wOmics's persistent efforts have been propped by its breakthroughs in auxiliary clinical diagnostics and drug discovery empowered by AI and omics big data, facilitating precision medicine.

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